Texas Hold`em chart – learn to identify the best hands and develop strategies

Texas Hold`em chart – learn to identify the best hands and develop strategies

Texas Hold`em chart to determine the best hand

Many players who have studied the Hold`em rules for a long time and carefully memorized all the combinations, thus training their memory, may decide that they have already perfectly understood how to play Texas Holdem and comprehended all the subtleties of this exciting game. Unfortunately, this is far from true, because in order to become a true professional, you still need perfect knowledge of starting Poker hands and the pre-flop action algorithm. That is, which cards should continue to take risks, and which time to discard and end the game. In total, there are a huge number of starting two-card combinations, divided into several categories and, for convenience, collected in a special Texas Holdem chart, which can be downloaded to your phone or printed.

Such charts are calculated and compiled for the game in early, middle and late positions, taking into account their features and their main purpose is to provide elementary assistance to players in making the right decisions. Those people who learn how to use them deeply will always feel confident even with two cards.

Choosing the best types of hands with the Texas Hold`em chart

The most important information for a person at the beginning of the game of Hold`em Poker is the value of his starting hand, on the strength or weakness of which the further course of events depends. To correctly determine the power of cards, players use the help of chart Texas Hold`em, which today is easy to find on specialized sites on the Internet. Here, beginners can make the right decision about how to act before the flop with the existing Poker hands and a certain position at the table, as well as confidently calculate the chance of winning. Here are the types of hands that stand out in the game:

  1. The most powerful are Monster hands, which make up the best 2% of the total number of hands. For example, in the Texas Holdem chart they are presented as (AA, KK, QQ, AKs). With such cards, you must safely raise from any position, and always play aggressively on the post-flop.
  2. Next come Strong hands, which are indicated on the charts (JJ-99, AQs-ATs, KQs, AQo +). These are strong enough pairs and they allow players to confidently raise from any position. If you feel a counter aggression from the opponent, the person must be careful, as the cards are slightly weaker than the previous ones.
  3. Players with the so-called Playable hands (88-22, A9s-A2s, K2s +, Q2s +, J2s +, T3s +, 94s +, 85s +, 76s, AJo-A2o, K3o +, Q4o +, J5o +, T6o +, 97o +, 87o) must be very careful and play only according to the situation.
  4. All other combinations are called Garbage hands and are not suitable for playing.

Pocket pairs (ready-made hands) and Connectors (two cards that are close at face value) are also distinguished.

Recommendations with which hands are worth to take risks

Those players who actively use the Hold`em Texas chart, probably know that if you did not immediately manage to get senior starting hands, you should not be upset. Here are recommendations on how to act on different positions:

  • In an early position, players who have high cards of the same and different suit have good chances to win. These hands are worth the risk, hoping to get profitable cards on the flop;
  • Playing in the middle position, a person has additional information from the behavior of his rivals. This circumstance must be taken into account if the cards have no power and it makes no sense to take risks;
  • It is easiest to make a decision in a late position, especially with a strong starting hand. The main thing here is not to frighten the opponent with sharp increases in rates.

Only by learning to competently defend against re-raises, not being afraid to go all-in in a suitable situation, correctly assessing the strength of Poker hands, players can achieve mastery of the game.

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